Hearing Care Associates
A Division of Fritsch Otology


From evaluations to consultations to fittings to custom-made devices and more, we can help you with all of your hearing care needs.


When first visiting your hearing health care professional, your hearing will be tested. The hearing test will result in a graph representing your hearing levels. This graph is called an audiogram. While seated in a sound treated room and wearing earphones, you will listen to quiet sounds and indicate when you hear them by either ra ising your hand or pressing a button. You will be asked to repeat words. The sounds you hear will vary in pitch (frequency) from a deep bass to a high treble, measured from 250Hz to 8000Hz. These sounds will also vary in loudness (decibel) levels, from soft to very loud, measured from -1OdB to 120dB. The volume of each sound is adjusted at each pitch until the softest level is detected (threshold). Your audiologist will discuss the results of your hearing evaluation and make recommendations about how to improve your hearing. You will learn what type of hearing loss you have, the extent and type of the loss, and if a hearing aid could be helpful.


Professional hearing aid consultation to determine the appropriate device.

Fitting with trial period

Hearing aid fitted with a 30-day trial period.


Cleaning and check of hearing aids to maintain optimal performance.


Repairs and service of hearing aids from five major manufacturers.

Custom molds

Custom earmolds for behind-the-ear fittings.

Musician Plugs

We offer musician plugs.

Custom Plugs

Custom ear plugs for noise protection.

Wireless Accessories

Wireless accessories that stream the sound from cell phones and televisions directly to hearing aids.

Assistive Listening Devices

We also offer assistive listening devices.