Hearing Care Associates
A Division of Fritsch Otology

“Since getting my new hearing aids from Fritch Otology my professional and personal life have been greatly enhanced. Deafness is difficult to analyze. One of the on-staff clinical audiologists, Brenda Schrager, was very kind, patient, and determined. I now have the most advanced digital technology and the best hearing possible, not to mention leaving my vanity intact!”

Jay Markwell

“First of all, I thank God for blessings of being under the exquisite care of Dr. Fritsch, Judy Correll, and associates. I was beginning to question any hope for the quality of my life to be any better. Without “hope”, the human spirit silently suffers. The very first appointment with Dr. Fritsch and Judy gave me the “Voice of Hope”. Their dedication, compassion, and understanding opened the door for that voice. For my profound hearing loss, they knew exactly what I needed and plans were set in motion. The quality of my life was dramatically changed for the better. I am truly grateful beyond words. Each and everyone of you have been my gift of the “Voice of Hope”. Thank you so very much!”

Betty Vaughn

“Judy individualized my appointment and paired me with the hearing aid that would improve my quality of life the most. I drive three hours one way for Judy’s care and expertise and am always impressed with her knowledge and compassion. Thanks to Judy I now get to enjoy my two kids’ sweet laughs and have restored the confidence I had lost. I could go on and on.”

Sarah Will